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An 18 year old wandering artist interested in design, fine art, and fashion.
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Petra Dufkova inspires and inspires...

Found her out on my new daily inspiration site.
I couldn't tell you how big of a fan I am of dripping paint, she's awesome.

Sorry for the gap in posts, I've been looking for ways to make my blog bigger than me..
aka obtaining more followers!
I suppose I'll just be posting for myself for a little while.
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The other day I stopped into AA and bought some new nail polish, 3 for $15.
I got the office, rosebowl, and clear. Its been holding up pretty well,
its been 4 days and I have no chipping whatsoever, just a couple dents.
It took me two coats to get a solid color + a clear coat on top.

I layed down some sketches the other day,
I'll start posting them soon.
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I think this goes without saying but Abbey Watkins's illustrations are stunning.
Her perfect blend of fashion and art is what really gets me...the smoke series is sick.

My my..
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The last couple of days have been hectic! I made my first huge purchase of a macbook pro which Im posting from, its gorgeous.
So Ive been getting accustomed to using a mac while busy with my job and selling things on my ebay & etsy.
I purchased new earrings from thebearandbunny's etsy shop, I adore them.
I also ended up buying the Nixon watch from my past post..
It was on sale, so I had to!

Sweet ink

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Sifting through my dailys and stumbled upon Carine Brancowitz, her illustrations are insane.

So inspiring!


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Trying to decide between watches..my pre-existing watch is all black. Its time to add some color to my life this summer.
Swatch $50

Nixon $55
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I didnt know the hardest part about having a blog is naming it.
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