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An 18 year old wandering artist interested in design, fine art, and fashion.

Henderson Dry Goods

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Vancouver designer Alex Henderson crafts wood works from mirrors, to clocks, to jewelry. In essence, she's amazing. I'm a huge fan of the mirrors, both hand-held and jewelry.
Photos found at poppytalk blog.

No. 31

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I spent the greater portion of my morning sketching a new girl,
not quite sure where its going yet.
Lately, there hasnt been much time spent in my sketchbook,
I hope that changes soon.

Sam Weber

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Sam uses a mixture of traditional and Digital methods to create stunning paintings. What I find alluring is the opaque skin tone, with dream-like light sources.

Little bits on him here and here.

No. 29

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This morning it occurred to me that I should take a silversmith class...
I want to learn a trade, so making jewelry seems like the next best thing. Im always in search for basic everyday sterling pieces, so what if I just made them myself? It would be a great craft to perfect in the upcoming years.
And now some eye candy from Etsy..

I have a serious problem of committing myself to countless aspirations.


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Paintings by Jen Mann
The second one down is my absolute favorite..
They look exactly the same,
but when you look closer,
they're subtly different.
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Jewelry by Hanna Hedman

it's essentially wearable art.
I am completely enamored...

canon rebel XS

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Looook what I found:
Okay not found...more like bought for $100x5!
It was time to invest in a new camera.
I never dreamed of owning an SLR,
but low and behold, dreams do come true.

knuckle ring

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recent jewelry purchases
chain ring, UO. Ear Cuff, Etsy. Trible earrings, F21. Knuckle ring, thrifted.

I found the knuckle ring when I was out today, and was imediately overjoyed. I saw it in the case, and as soon as I slipped it on my finger, without hesitation I said "I'll take it". The lady laughed and said "You do know its $15, right?" I was just happy it fit. Ive searched hiiiigh and low for one of these rings...on ebay they go for more. Im way stoked.
Ohhh the little things that make you happy:)

paper cuts

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Paper-cuts by british designer Julene.

feeling blue

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This is a watercolor Ive reworked from earlier this year.
The turn out is better than I expected,
Id never done a pattern combined with watercolor.

High res found here.

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