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An 18 year old wandering artist interested in design, fine art, and fashion.


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I tried to branch out and experiment with clean lines,
this was the result.
(The heart really did form on its own, I just enhanced it)

five(+ one) fall finds

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Jcrew 125
Fall is the best time for fashion.
I cant wait to find that one pair of boots,
the sliming skinny jeans, and a massive scarf.
Its time to get warm and cozy:)


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My latest piece Ive been working on (instead of posting on my blog!) for the last week or so.
I saw this photo, and had to recreate it.
Kitties! meowww

High res found here.

minimal things

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Caroline Morin
I appreciate the simplicity of her illustrations, they are minimal in color, and combine skill and creativity effortlessly. Simple repetition of pattern really speaks in these.

Find her here.

On a side note, autumn (yes I said it) autumn is almost here. Its got me excited for fall trends, warm cozy places, a new school, new faces, and fresh starts.
But I am terrified at the same time.


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My latest piece entitled Dalla.
She was drawn in my sketchbook, then transfered into photoshop for editing and color. I love the subtle detail of visible graphite underneath the digital work..I can't tare myself away from drawing in the details and keeping it realistic.

She was named Dalla because in icelandic the meaning is luminosity, brilliance (light). The way she's positioned facing to the side with bright eyes made the name stick. She's brilliant! :)

Photo credit: Tina Chang
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