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My newest piece after taking a long pause from art.

Here's the sketch it came from.

(I think I like the sketch better)
Reason being because there's more shading in and around the face,
its more pronounced.
The one I painted is too flat,
but I like how the pink pops out.


ari said...

that is beautiful. I like them both :)
about my rings, they are usually a mix between really old ones, vintage ones, and new cheap ones I usually buy at F21. I will try to specify where my jewelry comes from, from now on :)


This is a tough call, I like them both. I am drawn to the spontaneous drip of the medium but find myself lost in your more controlled circles of hairs.
My opinion does not matter, trust yourself, whatever it is you are doing, you are doing it right.
X David

Dash said...

I think your blog is shaping up very nicely. Keep going it's always tough in the beginning. I like both the sketch and the painting however I think that the sketch has more depth.

Elena S. said...

wow that is amazing! you got some serious talent girl! are you in art design?

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

i actually like the painted one better!

Elena S. said...

you have amazing talent and should def. look into it!

Mystery Bruises said...

i like the sketch better, the colours are amazing

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