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An 18 year old wandering artist interested in design, fine art, and fashion.


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Life is hectic at the moment, Im getting caught up with a boy! And lost in plans for next fall.

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One recent pick from tumblr is April Nicole, she has loads of fantastic photos, all inspiring. I find myself sifting through endless archives, searching for photo references...then having the problem of choosing just one to sketch. What a problem!

Pink rose petals

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I scanned in the sketch from the other day and edited it in photoshop.
To say the least Im pretty pleased with how it turned out.
It took awhile since I hadn't used photoshop in a long time..
but Im going to try and be more consistant with creating work
so the turn out is cleaner and happens faster.
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I always feel obligated to post in my blog daily..but then again who says I have to.
Ive been busy sketching as much as possible. I try to sketch daily, and already Im seeing improvement. I can sketch more accurately and for longer periods of time, Im finally growing some patience! haha The new projector I bought arrived today, I snagged it for only $5! It works just fine but I have to buy transparency sheets for it so I can blow up my sketches, retrace them, and hopefully make something great of them.

Eric Traore

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Eric Traore.
To be found here.


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Ive been doing a lot of sketching lately....this one will go unfinished for some time until I figure out what exactly Im going to do with it. Today Im expected to purchase a projector so I can blow up my images and retrace them at home, I cant wait:) Work on a large scale is so much more impressive..I just have to keep in mind Im not going to art school for this, and that I have no idea what Im doing. I dont want to get overly confident in my self taught ways.
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Some great shots by Jimmy Backius.
via cameralink
My friend commented on my being a feminist..
a bit extreme, but I can see where hes coming from.
I post about nothing but women!
draw nothing but women...
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My newest piece after taking a long pause from art.

Here's the sketch it came from.

(I think I like the sketch better)
Reason being because there's more shading in and around the face,
its more pronounced.
The one I painted is too flat,
but I like how the pink pops out.
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I have a watch fetish.



Marc Jacobs


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Indira Cesarine has stunning beauty and fashion shots,
check her out here.

The colorful makeup palet does it for me.
Im in love!
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Here are a couple of my top picks as of recently.
Clogs are a growing trend, free people has an amazing pair.
A studly crop top from needsupply.

The always amazing, late Alexander McQueen.

Whyyy must my fashion taste always exceed my disposable income.

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